VM Multivan


A Mulitvan to travel in a group in an exceptional environment

So the journey is not a waste of time, but the opportunity to enjoy the moment.


The Multivan has a modular structure and offers various possible arrangements of the passenger seats for discussions, work, travel and recreation. In this comfort-equipped vehicle, you can retreat to the leather individual seats and treat yourself to peace! This Multivan will surprise you with its low-noise interior, so that you can enjoy the ergonomic seats, the panoramic view and the pleasant feeling of space in peace.



Multifunction table - electrically operated sliding doors - integrated child seat - adjustable and swivelling rear seats - 3-zone climate control - auxiliary heating - 12 V socket - double insulating glass - sun protection and partition for the rear passenger compartment

Spacious interior

Offers a lot of space in the vehicle rear and high-quality materials

Generous storage space

The generous volume of the modular trunk of this Multivan means that there is plenty of space for your suitcases and equipment.

Space for socializing

The functional table is ideal for work or entertainment in small groups

Space and lots of options

The VW Multivan is almost infinitely flexible and is ideal for chatting, working or just traveling. The variety of the vehicle is great, so 4 passengers can comfortably sit opposite each other if necessary. You can rest in theĀ individual leather seats in this comfortably equipped vehicle!

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