Series Gran Turismo EL02B

A sporty and luxurious sedan

Noble, dynamic and spacious: enjoy the journey in peace


Sportiness, elegance, ergonomics and modern design: these are the terms that define the BMW 6 series sedan This limousine can comfortably accommodate up to 3 people and their luggage. Enjoy the generous space in the rear.



USB-C sockets - heated comfort seats with electrical adjustment in the vehicle rear - 4-zone air conditioning - sun protection and partition for the rear passenger compartment - panoramic roof

First-class comfort

Offers a lot of space in the vehicle rear and high-quality materials

Generous space

The generous volume of this limousine allows you to take 3 medium-sized pieces of luggage and 2 travel bags

Space for serenity

The BMW 6 series has a modern interior with a sophisticated design and is equipped with the latest technologies, so that you can travel relaxed and carefree.

The pleasure of travelling

The BMW 6 series Gran Turismo impresses with its unique aesthetics and the spacious and luxurious interior. In addition, its exceptional driving behavior and dynamics offer maximum comfort on long journeys. As a passenger, you can relax, work or chat with your fellow passengers without thinking about the traffic.

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